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Sexual Abuse Prevention Education

Our Services 

Providing Services in southern Kane and Kendall Counties for Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence

  • 24-hour emergency shelter & hotline

  • Counseling for victims of domestic violence & their children

  • Counseling for victims of sexual violence of all ages

  • Legal advocacy

  • Medical advocacy

  • Prevention education

  • All services available in English and Spanish


  • Erin’s Law: Why Sexual Abuse Programs Are Necessary

  • What Parents Need to Know about Preventing Sexual Violence

Why Sexual Violence Prevention is Important

  • Sexual violence happens to people of all genders, all races, religions and socioeconomic groups

  • 1 in 10 children will be a victim by age 18

  • Median age of child sexual abuse victims is 9

  • 93% of children can name offender

  • 67% of all sexual crimes happen to children under 17

Erin's Law Requires


  • Grades Pre-K through 12 in public school education on sexual violence prevention through age appropitate curriculum

  • Provide children with the tools to speak up and tell someone about sexual violence rather than keep it a secret

  • Educate children on safe touch vs. unsafe touch and safe secrets vs. unsafe secrets

Parents and Educators

  • Educators will be trained on the prevention of sexual violence

  • Parents will be informed about characteristics of offenders, grooming behaviors and how to discuss this topic with their children

What is Child Sexual Abuse?

  • Molestationsomeone touching a child’s private parts or forcing child to touch theirs

  • Rape: forced penetration

  • Child pornography

  • Grooming

  • Commercial sexual exploitation of children

Who can be an Offender?

  • Anyone can be an offender BUT they are usually NOT strangers! 93% are known to child

  • Over 30% are family members

  • Most offenders are males

  • Most offenders are or have been married and identify as heterosexual

  • 65% are middle income or above

  • Have between 6-9 victims in their lifetimes

  • In cases where victim was younger than 6, 43% of the offenders were juveniles

What is Grooming? 

  • Luring a child into a sexual situation

  • Offenders choose their victims carefully

    • Will this child say no?

    • Will this child tell?

    • Will they have access to this child?

    • Can they gain the trust of the child and family?

  • Grooming takes time

    • Offenders do not want to scare the child away

    • Do not want to get caught.
    • Take time to set a trap for victim

  • Offenders use tricks

    • Drugs and alcohol​

    • Secrets

    • Gifts

    • Breaking rules

How can Parents Combat these Tricks?

  • Know the people your child is spending time with. Minimize one-on-one situations

  • Help children set respectful boundaries

  • Keep vigilant about technology. Know your child’s passwords and monitor their accounts

  • Explain that secrets can be harmful, and if someone asks them to keep a secret, they should tell you about it

  • Learn and teach older children the appropriate laws about sexual crimes, consent and technology use

  • Understand why children are afraid to tell

Talking to Your Child about Sexual Abuse

  • ​LISTEN to your child! Create an environment of trust

  • Start the conversation at a young age and use the proper names for private parts

  • Tell children what parts of the body others should not touch

  • Have open conversations with children about our bodies, sex, and boundaries

  • Teach children that they have the right to tell any person“NO” to unwanted or uncomfortable touch.

  • Tell children it is not OK for adults or older youth to use sexual words with them, or to act in a sexual way.

Always Believe your Child!

  • The rate of false report for elementary age children is 0.5%

  • Many children don’t tell because their offenders convince them they will not be believed

  • Research tells us that children who are believed and supported are best able to recover from abuse

  • If a child discloses abuse

    • Remain calm

    • Listen, support, & praise

    • Seek medical help

    • Report

    • Counseling


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